About Bagalkot

Bagalkot is a city situated in the northern part of the Indian state of Karnataka. Situated along the banks of the river Ghataprabha. It was previously under the administration of Vijaypura District and in the year 1997 it became an Independent District. We are proud to say that Bagalkot is the largest city of Asia that is rehabilitated. The Holi  Habba (or) rather known as The Festival of Colours is special attraction, it is said Bagalkot ranks to Kolkata in the way it celebrate Rangapanchami. Historically, Bagalkot is the home land of great Chalukya Dynasty. It is surrounded by numerous places of heritage sites like whispering gallery of Golgumbaz at Vijaypura (85kms), naturally beautiful Dam site at Alamatti (30kms), Dakshina Kashi Shree Sukshetra Mahakooteshwara temple at Mahakoota (35kms), Chalukyan cave edicts and temples at Badami (36kms), scintillating stone carvings at Aihole (39kms) & Pattadakallu (42kms), the world renowned pilgrimage places of Veerashaivas at Koodalasangam (52kms), and the ruins of Vijayanagar Empire at Hampi (150kms).